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Connect Services

The HATTECH head office has some of the country’s most brilliant software developers that mange and host our highly technological advanced servers. We offer a diverse range of hosting, development, and connection services as well as excellent support for all services offered.


  • In conjunction with the Voice traffic, we carry the Internet data traffic uncapped and uncontended through your current DSL service -the DSL Lite ISP access and data service at reduced rates to your current service. 
  • Alternatively a new Hattech DSL PLUS service can be ordered 


Hattech ensures it gets even better...

Hattech DSL uncapped packages: UNCAPPED & UNSHAPED, which means faster downloads.

The solution is shared with fewer subscribers, this makes surfing the internet a pleasure. All hardware plus Static IP’s included in all Hattech DSL packages which offers high performing uncapped & unshaped bandwidth.

Provides a fixed bill and ensures that there is fair access and abusers don’t impact on the experience of high speed internet.

FUP applies to all above listed ISP’s and subject to speed available in your area.

The Following Connect Services Are Available From HATTECH:

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Hosting And Management
  • Server Hosting Services
  • C Panel Management And Support
  • Web Development
  • Websites And Web Applications.
  • Mobile Application Development - Android, IOS And Windows
  • Native Software Development
  • Desktop Applications
  • Software Architecture And Engineering
  • Database Planning And Structures
  • Automation Development Solutions
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Project Management
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