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Network Services

Service Offerings

HATTECH is affiliated with a number of other companies, each specialists in their fields, to ensure that HATTECH Holdings can deliver an assortment of specialised services to our clients. Our aim is to offer a one-stop solution that caters to the needs of all HATTECH clients.

  • Hattech Legal
    Legal advisory and representation in civil and labour related cases.
  • Hattech Accounting
    General bookkeeping, payroll, Tax, and financial advisory services.
  • Hattech Consulting
    General business consulting as well as business broker services
    General Business insurance services – short and long term insurance, investments, pension funds, medical aid, and employment schemes.
    Equipment rental and finance services. Hattfin will finance any of the HATTECH products to their clients, and structure the rental and finance terms in a way the benefits the clients. We call this rental finance – clients can rent their HATTECH hardware over a set term and may choose to upgrade the equipment on an annual basis.
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