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Virtual Private Network - ViPN:

A VPN with Hattech offers a secure connectivity alternative - one that has all the advantages of a private network, but at less cost and with no management responsibility from the customer’s side. VPNs are similar to wide area networks (WANs) but incorporate robust encryption and authentication software that enables businesses to utilise the power of Internet Protocol (SIP) transmission. Digital telecommunication is the future. We chose point-to-point SIP on the Broadsoft © platform as our standard – as opposed to VoIP that depends on the internet for connection.

IP PBX Communications systems

  • IP desk phones
  • IP cordless phones
  • IP switchboards
  • IP PBX units
  • IP VOIP mobile units

With a business process patent pending Virtual Private Network (ViPN*), Hattech gives organisations reliable secure access to centralised services like intranets, extranets, internet browsing and accounting systems. It also allows customers to take advantage of Fixed Mobile Convergence, offering Voice and Data termination on a single access medium*. The future of integrated telecommunications has just arrived with Hattech’s point-to-point ViPN service. All quoted channel costs include last mile provision and client premise equipment in the monthly rental price.

Say goodbye to legacy technology and join us in the FUTURE PROOF revolution, today!

  • Hattech will port the indicated fixed line numbers for incoming service.
  • This porting frees the location of the number to be used anywhere in South Africa.
  • Telkom automatically cancels the Analogue circuit of the number ported.
  • We carry calls directly to the cellular and fixed line networks on our GSM equipment.
  • The RATES are phenomenal. We estimate the total savings to be substantial.
  • We will GUARANTEE you a savings versus similar Telkom voice calls

Voice traffic:

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